5 TV series that help you to learn Spanish

5 TV series that help you to learn Spanish.

Learning a language takes time, a lot of hours of classes and self study. When you are starting from scratch, it can seem frightening and challenging and when you already started, mastering it isn’t easy either. However, it is a beautiful process and that can be so much fun! 

Today I bring you 5 series in Spanish that will help you in your learning process. Learning doesn’t always need to be dull and repetitive. Series, movies, new channels and podcasts are a phenomenal tool to get yourself immersed in a language. And don’t forget to set your Spanish subtitles too. Listening and reading it at the same time can help you focus on vocabulary as well as on spelling.  

Here you have some tv series that I really enjoyed: 

La Casa de las Flores 

La Casa de las Flores is a Mexican soapy comedy that explores the secrets of a family who owns a prestigious flower store. It’s a really fun show with a smart, black humor. You can find it on Netflix. 

Las Chicas del Cable

Las Chicas del Cable is a Spanish series about a group of young girls who worked in the first modern telecommunication company in Spain. The series is set in Madrid in 1928 and it follows the drama, love life and work challenges of a group of cable girls. It is performed by really good actresses with perfect diction. Also available on Netflix. 

Vivir sin permiso

Vivir sin permiso revolves around Nemo, a reputed businessman who is really a drug lord in Galicia, Spain. Following the trail of other huge productions such as Narcos, this series addresses the drug world in a less known region of Spain. You can find it on Netflix. 

Allí abajo

Allí Abajo is a series that was created after the successful movie Ocho apellidos vascos and it explores the cultural differences between different regions and cultures in Spain. The story begins when Iñaki, a Basque chef who has never left his place, is forced to stay in Seville due to his mom’s illness. This hilarious comedy will introduce you to the most common stereotypes and culture differences inside of Spain. You can watch this one on Amazon Primevideo and HBO Max.

El Inocente 

El Inocente is a mini series directed by Oriol Paulo about starting a new life after being in jail. Starred by the popular Spanish actor, Mario Casas, this series will definitely surprise you and hook you up until the end. 

These are just five titles, however the options are limitless. Series, movies, documentaries, new reports… Anything can help you learn from the comfort of your couch. Hope you enjoy them!