Spanish online courses and lessons with a native teacher.

Spanish online courses and lessons with a native speaking teacher

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Our Spanish language courses will help you develop real-world language skills

Are you traveling to a Spanish speaking country? Is Spanish a must in your job? Do you want to live abroad and be able to communicate with locals? Are you searching for a DELE preparation course to help you get ready for your next exam? Whatever your reason is, Hola Language School has a course adapted to you.

As a teacher, I like to consider the classroom as a safe space where I like to connect with the students, help them feel confident and maximise their knowledge

Having a good learning experience is key and I love to provide that for all my students. I am an outgoing and social person who enjoys talking to people with different backgrounds. I love a good conversation and in class I always try to encourage my students to speak their mind and give their opinions. 

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“My story with Spanish started 2 years ago when I first decided to take lessons and study it seriously. I stared from zero and really soon I got to understand that Spanish requires a lot of work. My friend recommended me Laura as a tutor and we started working online. When we started to work I definitely understood that lessons online can work perfectly if the tutor knows how to lead the process of studying.

In one year we prepared DELE level B2 and I came to the exam feeling completely prepared. My exam went really well and next year we prepared DELE level C1. We have gone though all elements and preparation tests which helped me a lot to understand how DELE exams work. Laura is perfect tutor who prepared every lesson and gave me all the necessary knowledge that I needed to. I recommend the Hola Language School which is the best place to learn and speak spanish!”


“I recommend Laura with all my heart! Loved her materials and methods from the very start. Expect high professionalism, but fun, too!

The best of all: I am now able to apply all that she teaches me, as I work in an international company that recently opened an office in Mexico City. After almost 2 years of learning, I am able to engage in meaningful conversations with teammates and clients likewise.”


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