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One-to-one private Spanish classes

One-to-one Spanish lessons are private sessions that are completely adapted to your needs

There are few reasons why this type of course can be good option for you: 

Your schedule is tight

You are not able to adapt to group classes. This course is offered from early morning to late evening, weekends included. You just need to agree on a time slot with your teacher at least 24 hours prior to the class.

 You want to learn something specific

You are interested in learning a specific area of Spanish language such as business Spanish, this type of course is the adequate one. Personalized materials, specialized books and worksheets will be used during the sessions.

You are seeking a more personalized approach

This is especially relevant for those who learned the language but never studied it formally or learned a long time ago and are interested in regaining their confidence. 

You desire to become bilingual

You already completed the C1 level and you are interested in mastering the language up to C2. Being bilingual is not an easy task, so that’s why it is needed to focus on your learning gaps through a personalized session. 


Frequently asked questions

Classes in Hola Language School are 100% online. Once you have completed the inscription questionnaire, you will receive in your email a code to access all your schedule classes. You can attend the class from your laptop but also phone or tablet with Internet access. 

In order to make sure that every student is at the right level, we will arrange a little interview with your tutor. This interview will be performed in Spanish and your tutor will ask a few questions to assess your level. Once the interview is finished, she will suggest the best option for you.

The one-to-one classes are taught throughout the entire year. Since they are private lessons/ tutoring, the student can decide when to start and how often they want to attend the lessons.

Payments are done through banking transfer or PayPal. Once you have finished the inscription process and the initial level interview, Hola Language School will send you the banking details so the student can make the payment. One-to-one classes can be paid either upfront or through monthly transfers.

One-to-one Spanish lessons online.

If you are interested in this course and want to receive more information about teachers, materials and available time slots, please contact us.

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