10 reasons to learn Spanish

10 reasons to learn Spanish.

Are you still indecisive about learning a new language? Are you considering learning Spanish?

Here we offer you 10 reason why learning Spanish is what you should opt for: 

  1. Spanish is spoken by half billion people and about another half billion consider Spanish as their mother tongue. By number of speakers, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and it is official in 21 countries.That ‘s wow! 
  2. It is a growing language with so much potential. It is predicted that by 2030, 7.5.% of the global population will be able to understand Spanish and in the case of Europe this number jumps up to 20%. 
  3. Speaking Spanish is a perk when it comes to traveling. Spanish speaking countries are among the top most visited countries.  2 out of the 10 most visited countries in the world have Spanish as their official language. 
  4. Spanish will open up the door to amazing universities. Being able to communicate in Spanish is a plus in order to get admitted in top world universities in Latin America, Europe and the US. 
  5. Watching tv shows and movies will be so much easier. Among the most watched tv shows and most awarded movies there are a bunch of Spanish examples that will make you fall in love with the language. Money Heist was the third most watched tv show on Netflix worldwide. Guillermo del Toro, Pablo Larraín and Pedro Almodovar are some of the top film directors that you can find out through Spanish language.
  6. And what about the music? More and more latin and spanish speaking artists are killing it. Here is one example: the second most watched music video on Youtube is in Spanish! 
  7. A splendid literature will open for you. Eleven Spanish-speaking writers have been awarded the Nobel prize for Literature. Novels such as 100 years of Solitude and Don Quijote are considered universal classics and are read and studied all around the world. Only in Spain more than 80.000 books are published every year. As you can see, the reading options are endless! 
  8. Better job prospects. Whether you work in a company or you have your own, speaking Spanish will definitely be an advantage. It will put you in contact with clientele all around the world and it will allow you to have direct communication with them. As well, in the challenge of hunting for a job, speaking Spanish will set you apart from other competitors. 
  9. Get in touch with your roots. The world is changing and more and more people are settling down far from their homeland and growing their family abroad. According to the statistics, in the US only half of the second- generation latinos are bilingual. The number drops to 25% when it comes to third-generation. Keeping the language of the family is not easy and learning Spanish can help you reconnect and communicate in a much closer way. 
  10. Last but not least, learning Spanish can be a challenge for you and your brain. Your brain is a muscle that deserves to be trained as well. Having a healthy brain is key in helping prevent many diseases and learning a language is a fantastic way to keep your brain active. Many studies have proven the benefits of being bilingual in mental health. 

Are you convinced? Find your own motivation and start this adventure. Along this way you will definitely find traits of yourself that you didn’t know about and will get surprised by how much your self-esteem and confidence grew. 

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