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Group classes are designed to be a shared space where students and teachers interact and learn in a very communicative way. These courses:

Reach your desired level and be able to interact in Spanish successfully

The sessions won’t only tackle the grammatical aspects of the language but also the oral and writing in practice. The goal of these courses is to help you to reach your desired level and also allow you to be able to interact in different social situations successfully. 

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Frequently asked questions

Classes in Hola Language School are 100% online. Once you have completed the inscription questionnaire, you will receive in your email a code to access all your schedule classes. You can attend the class from your laptop but also phone or tablet with Internet access. 

In order to make sure that every student is at the right level, we will arrange a little interview with your teacher. This interview will be performed in Spanish and your teacher will ask a few questions to assess your level. Once the interview is finished, she will suggest the best option for you. 

The group classes are taught throughout the entire year. They are designed to last three months. After three months, students will be evaluated and they can decide to continue into the next level. Group classes are starting in mid-January, beginning of April and mid- September. In the summer months (July and August), there will also be some group classes offered. 

Payments are done through banking transfer or PayPal. Once you have finished the inscription process and the initial level interview, Hola Language School will send you the banking details so the student can make the payment. Group classes can be paid either upfront or through monthly transfers.  

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